Daytime Star

Daytime Star is a webtoon written by Chaeun and illustrated by Godago. It is published on Naver Webtoon (Korean) as well as Webtoon (English). Its first chapter was published on the Korean Naver website on Feb 07, 2022. The story follows the journey of Haesoo, a young girl with dreams of becoming a famous singer, and Eunjo, a popular K-pop star. The webtoon is known for its beautiful artwork and emotional storytelling and has gained a large following both in Korea and internationally.

Daytime Star Manhwa

A struggling, no-name actress of seven years, Yura Hwang. She barely lands a minor role in a movie that’s bound to be a success. A celebrity’s celebrity, Seunghyeon Kang, keeps running into Yura, who always seems to be shedding tears every time he comes across her. As these two reunite in the new movie, “Time,” will Yura finally seize the moment to make her name known? And will Seunghyeon figure out why he can’t get Yura out of his mind? Only time will tell.

Daytime Star is a must-read for anyone who enjoys romance, drama, and music. It is a story about following your dreams, finding your place in the world, and the power of love to overcome even the toughest obstacles.

Daytime Star Manga

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